Thought of the Day: Altruism

The other day I helped a blind woman cross the street. I didn’t do it for money, thanks, recognition, or out of fear that some deity would punish me if I didn’t. No, I simply did it because someone needed help, and I could provide it. And, man, did it feel good!

Over the years I’ve drank a lot of booze, smoked plenty of dope, and had some really amazing sex, but nothing can compare to the pure joy of helping a fellow human in need. And that is arguably the most important lesson we can learn in life.

Thought of the Day: Smoking Nurses

No, not that kind of smoking nurse, you filthy pervs! I’m talking about the kind of nurses – and doctors along with other healthcare workers, for that matter – who smoke cigarettes.

Is it me or is it weird how many of these healthcare professionals smoke? That’s kind of like being a pastor, priest, rabbi, or imam who doesn’t believe in god.

How are people supposed to follow your professional advice when you can’t even follow it yourself?

Thought of the Day: Eau de Bodega

EdBI walked by a bodega on Third Avenue today and was stunned by what can best be described as Eau de Bodega, that smell that all New York City bodegas have, which often creeps out onto the sidewalk. I thought they ought to have their own signature scent. Perhaps a pungent mixture of spicy sweat, a week’s worth of body odor, cheap foreign cologne, stale tobacco, and exotic mold.

Jokes aside, why do these places all smell the same, and so powerfully? And how do they stay in business? Given what they sell, I can’t imagine the profit margins are enough to cover the rent. Can cigarettes and lottery tickets really pay for it all?