PBRstreefighterThere’s a Key Food supermarket across the street from my building here in New York City. But I avoid buying perishables there because they tend to get things, well, let’s just say a little bit later than other supermarkets.

That goes for beer, too. For example, in the spring they’ll have an assortment of holiday ales on sale. And in the summer, you can find some nice Maibocks. Summer ales in the fall. Oktoberfests in the dead of winter. That sort of thing, always pushing the “sell by” date.

So I wasn’t too surprised to spot this Pabst Blue Ribbon World Cup promotion appearing nearly a full month after the tournament ended. In fact, I was more surprised to see PBR rocking a soccer promotion. It is, after all, a classic working man’s beer, the malted equivalent of slapping a teammate on the ass, a gesture that is disturbingly common in sports like baseball and American football but not in the more masculine world of soccer.

Which left me wondering, if this quintessential blue-collar brew is celebrating soccer, has the sport finally “arrived” here in America? Or has the brand simply caved to the hipster craze, which seems to celebrate everything from retro “crafts” to “foreign” sports?

Either way, it brought a smile to my face. And a 12-pack to my fridge for only $9.99. I chilled it estupidamente gelada, ridiculously cold, like they do down in Brazil – so cold that I could barely taste the stuff.

And looking at their in-store display, I’m not sure what I like better: the bicycle kick with beer in hand illustration or the texting GOOOOAL offer. And I wonder how long they spent deciding how many O’s to include in GOOOOAL? And how much the promo agency billed Pabst for the hours they spent debating that decision?

A Good Day For The USA


The US Soccer Team Qualifies for Brazil 2014
Congratulations to the US Men’s National Team, who are officially Brazil bound! After beating Mexico 2-0 in Columbus last night, the US clinched qualification for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil next summer with two games still to go.

If you are interested in soccer, and the Brazil 2014 World Cup in particular, have a look at Total Futeblog. It’s a new blog covering the tournament and the travel.

Weiner Campaign Goes Limp
SoreWeinerSpeaking of triumphant victories, could we have seen the last of Anthony Weiner and his digital dick shots? The plucky politician, distinguished only by his unabashed sexting behind his beautiful wife’s back, mustered less than five percent of the vote in the New York City Democratic Primary for Mayor.

He said the voters will decide. And it looks like they have…quite definitively, too!

Total Futeblog & the World Cup in Brazil

Our friends have started a new blog about the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. It’s called Total Futeblog and is definitely worth a look. They’ve already told us everything you ever wanted to know about the World Cup, how much tickets will cost, and how to get tickets.

The blog is being done by the same people who created Total Footblog, and they are already veterans of five World Cup tournaments so they have a lot of experience and insight to share. Total Futeblog will continue to provide valuable information about Brazil 2014 as well as highlights from their travels to the tournament next summer. So if you are interested in soccer or are Brazil bound yourself, be sure to check out Total Futeblog.

Total Futeblog