Thought of the Day: The Greatness of God

Cult leader and mass murderer David Koresh.

Why is it that some people can walk into a crowded market and blow themselves up, killing hundreds in the name of their God? Is it because they think it’s part of God’s plan? It seems like everybody thinks they are special, that God has put them on this planet for some amazing purpose (well, except for us atheists).

But what if God didn’t have any special plans for you? After all, everyone can’t be special. Otherwise, no one would be special, right?

So what if God’s purpose for you is to lead a relatively unremarkable life? Would you defy God and demand more?

Cult leader and mass murderer Jim Jones.

And doesn’t it seem strange that religious extremists always tend to lead relatively unremarkable lives until they decide to embrace religious extremism? You never hear of a cult leader who excelled at math, or a suicide bomber who was a gifted musician. No, they tend to be your average, run-of-the-mill nobodies – right up until the moment that they decide to commit mass murder and then blame it on their God.

For most of these “believers,” especially the sad ones who take their belief to the extreme, their actions seem to be more about their own presumed greatness of themselves rather than the presumed greatness of their God.

Thought of the Day: Islam

Muslims claim there is only one God, and his name is Allah. Apparently Allah is cool with Muslims burning fellow Muslims to death in his honor, as ISIL recently did to Jordanian POW Moaz al-Kasasbeh.

I’m not a big fan of any religion, but I have to wonder how Muslims can be so incensed when some knuckleheads make a cartoon in which their Prophet does or says something silly yet turn a blind eye when fellow Muslims burn a man alive in the name of their God. They locked a human being, a fellow Muslim, in a cage and set him on fire, rejoicing as he burned to death.

These are the same fucktards who murdered 13 teenage Muslims in Mosul last month simply because they dared to watch a televised soccer game between Iraq and Jordan. They were dragged outside and shot in public, their bodies left to rot as even their families feared retaliation for trying to give them a proper Muslim burial.

Practice What You Preach
Religious people tend to define themselves by their beliefs, yet everyone else defines them by their actions. And in most religious, Islam included, God judges you by what you do – not what you profess to believe in. Imagine how better our world would be if religious people spent all their time and effort trying to live up to the ideals they so earnestly are trying to force others to live up to?