Breaking (Faking) News: Kanye Covers “Empathy for the Devil”

Kanye West was all over the news this week, adding torchbearer of free (hate) speech, Trump apologist, and slavery denier to the many ways in which he demands to be seen. But his buffoonery has overshadowed some semi-legitimate news, including the announcement that West will make his Broadway debut this summer as the lead in Max Bialystock’s new musical Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden.

West’s fondness for Trump shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone. After all, both Yeezy and Sleazy are self-proclaimed geniuses and undeniably shameless attention whores. As for his surprising eagerness to star in a musical portraying the man responsible for the Holocaust, West offered this defense: “I feel when people think of Nazis they don’t think of empathy. We can’t ad [sic] empathy to Nazis by hating. We can only ad [sic] empathy with love and time and truly hearing all sides.”

He also mentioned that he has a new single out, a cover of the Rolling Stones’ timeless megahit “Empathy for the Devil,” though insisted that his latest litany of unhinged remarks weren’t just another publicity stunt to boost sales. Nor, he claimed, was it a desperate attempt to regain the fading spotlight (#MakingKanyeGreatAgain), after his Wikipedia page recently changed his occupation to “Kim Kardashian’s spouse.” He wants his music and the new musical to stand on their own merits. In fact, if this musical is even half as big of a hit as Trump’s inauguration, West said that he already has plans to star in another production next summer, Moulin Blanc: Singing and Dancing with the Klan Klan.

Come on, folks. If the “genius” doesn’t know how to spell “add,” then he probably doesn’t know the meaning of “empathy” either.

Frankly, I am trying to have some empathy for West, but it is difficult to do. After all, this isn’t just a guy who is trying to influence people’s political beliefs even though he’s too lazy to actually cast a vote. Apparently he is also too lazy to go to the gym as well, opting instead to have liposuction done – and then becoming a drug addict because he couldn’t handle the pain. It seems this guy is always cutting corners, looking for a shortcut, the easy way…the Yeezy way.

And don’t even get me started about his suggestion that slavery was a “choice.” He claims it’s all about “free thought,” which seems to be some sort of Conservative code for saying whatever stupid shit comes out of your mouth.

It is hard to have empathy for someone you can neither trust nor respect, and people like West and his new best buddy Trump certainly fall into that category. They speak without thinking, because they are delusional narcissists and therefore assume that whatever they say is not only accurate but outright brilliant. And then they viciously attack anyone who calls them out on their bullshit, claiming that they are the true victims.

I can understand that, intellectually, but I certainly can’t identify with it. Maybe Trump can. Which could be why West is calling it “Empathy for the Devil.”