The War on Christmas?

foxborwocIt’s not a war on Christmas as much as it is a war on religious extremism. Or, since the right wing trolls are so eager to taint an entire religion because of the actions of a few claiming to act on behalf of the entire faith, it’s a war on Christian extremism.

The reason I – and many others, including companies – opt for “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” is because this season features a number of different religious holidays, not just Christmas. For example, Jews celebrate Chanukah and Muslims celebrate Mawlid (for what it’s worth, they also celebrate the birth of Jesus, who they consider a prophet and messenger of Allah, and believe that he will return from heaven to battle the anti-christ on judgement day). So rather than acknowledge only one set of beliefs, and thereby ignore the beliefs of everyone else, we prefer to wish everyone the best…not just our own “tribe.”

It’s interesting that many of the people who argue for saying “Merry Christmas” are also the same schmendricks who get upset when people say “Black Lives Matter.” They argue that all lives matter, and therefore we shouldn’t acknowledge the importance of one “tribe” above all the others. Yet, when it comes to favoring their tribe, in wishing people a Merry Christmas, they refuse to make that same distinction.

Happy Hypocrisy!