Made in Korea: Lessons for the 21st Century

phonebombsIn its latest act of international aggression, North Korea announced today that it has developed its own Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone. Though many in the West question whether it can really explode.

Korea has to be the most poignant lesson in geopolitics in our lifetime. Compare North and South Korea. Both are inhabited by the same people, with the same history, traditions, and culture. And after decades of war and foreign oppression, both got a new start in 1954. That’s just over 60 years ago.

South Korea has blossomed into one of the strongest and most influential nations on the planet. Their cars, consumer electronics, and other products have found markets all around the world. Culturally, they have a powerful pop music scene and have been producing some exceptional films.

The Korean Peninsula photographed from the International Space Station at night. The darkness is North Korea.

The Korean Peninsula photographed from the International Space Station at night. The gap of darkness between China (upper left) and South Korea (lower right) is North Korea.

North Korean, well, not so much so. They only thing they’re known for is starving their own people to death. It’s been one giant, miserable failure.

Never before has there been such a clear-cut argument for capitalism and democracy over socialism, totalitarianism, and dictatorships. You’ve got the same people, the same history, but different forms of government. One has succeeded spectacularly while the other has failed horrifically. You couldn’t have created a more scientific study.

And it’s a shame that the clear-cut results of this study don’t get more attention. Those who are touting socialism should certainly take note. Hell, just look at all the former socialist and communist nations. The only ones that have succeeded are the ones that eventually embraced capitalism. As for those people and nations who still espouse totalitarian dictatorships as a plausible form of government, well, let’s just say that supporters of Vladdy Putin and Donny Jong-Trump should take a good, hard look at this lesson as well.