Vape, Vape, Vape and the Edibles

I’ve already touted the joys of vaping, but I wanted to follow-up on another aspect of vaping: edibles. You see, not only do I use about a third less marijuana when vaping than I used when smoking, but I can also make edibles from that thrice-vaped weed.

Having amassed a generous amount of ABV (Already Been Vaped) marijuana, I decided it was time to experiment with using it to make edibles. Recipes for making edibles from ABV vary widely in terms of both measurements and methodologies.

As noted, I typically vape my weed three times, meaning I’ll vape the same “bowl” on consecutively higher temperatures to get three separate “sessions” out of it (which is amazingly economical when you consider that I would have blown through that bowl in a single session using traditional smoking methods). As a result, my ABV tends to be a darker cocoa brown than most of the images I’ve seen in ABV recipes online. So I figured I’d need to use more of it, though I remained mindful of the cautions concerning using too much…Maureen Dowdism.

There also seemed to be some confusion across the Internet as to whether you need to heat or even cook the stuff, the way you would when trying to extract the goodness from regular marijuana. The answer is no, you do not heat or cook the ABV. You can simply use it “as is.”


I took a level tablespoon ABV, ground it into a powder, and then mixed that with about 4 ounces of peanut butter. I then let is sit overnight so the oil could absorb it (apparently that helps get it into your bloodstream better). The following day, I took half of that peanut butter – about 2 ounces – and spread it on toast.

I thought I felt an immediate hit, but I must have just been giddy with excitement. After about 30 minutes, I was wondering. But, by 50 minutes, I could definitely feel it coming on. And by the hour-mark, I knew I didn’t need to eat the rest. I had a nice pleasant buzz – nothing too debilitating – for at least five hours (I went to sleep around then, so hard to tell precisely).

The following weekend I spread the other two ounces – which had been sitting in a covered container all week – on toast and ate that. The results were the same but I actually woke up the next morning with a mild buzz – a good 12 hours later. That’s pretty impressive.

Moving forward, I now feel I’ve got a good handle on this. I’m going to try a heaping teaspoon of ABV, ground and mixed in with peanut butter, and see how that works. There are three teaspoons in a tablespoon, so I’m thinking this might be a good dosage that won’t leave me fried the following morning.

So, not only do I get three sessions out of what I used to consume in one, but the scrap can be collected to make no-need-to-cook edibles. Add in the fact that vaping has to be healthier than smoking, and I’m even more excited about all of this. Vape, Vape, Hooray!