Dear South:

No, not you, the enlightened egalitarians who make up what I hope are the majority of this, arguably the most culturally distinct region in the continental United States. No, in this case, we are addressing the loud, proud, and utterly ugly societal segment popularly known as Rednecks, and specifically those inbred imbeciles who continue to fly the Confederate flag.

The original Confederate flag.

The original Confederate flag.

Look, we get it. You consider the Confederate flag – which, incidentally, is not really the Confederate flag, having been rejected as such in 1861 – to be a symbol of your “heritage.” And, to be clear, that’s a heritage of defeat, hatred, and un-Christian principles.

This heritage you so dearly cling to is that of losers (literally…you lost the war…look it up). It is a heritage of those who do not believe that all men are created equal (meaning you don’t stand by the Declaration of Independence, which makes you decidedly anti-American). And it’s a heritage of those who believe they should be allowed to own other human beings as if they were property (which means you are a pretty lousy person and, despite all your professed faith and virtues, a pretty shitty Christian as well). That’s your heritage, and that’s what that “flag” symbolizes.

If you really want to flaunt that, if you really want to declare to the world that you are proud to be a racist loser who preaches Bible Belt bullshit while supporting an evil and inhumane belief system, then at least have the courage to come out and admit it. Have some fucking balls, you cowards. Don’t hide behind the lies. And don’t hide behind this false flag.

It’s been 150 years and 52 days since your ancestors lost the war, when their – and apparently your – evil ideals were defeated. Don’t you think it’s time to man-up and face the facts?


PS – As soon as you accept this, we’ll turn our attention to why certain blacks claim they can use the term “nigger” because it’s part of their “heritage,” and how they insist that whether or not the term is racist depends upon the color of your skin. One bag of hypocritical bullshit at a time, folks!