Republicans Eat Their Freedom Fries

freefriesI love to see all these Republican leaders and Fox pundits professing their support for the French and for the freedom of speech. Of course, these are the same assclowns who were enraged when the French exercised their freedom of speech by opposing our unwarranted invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The hypocrisy is baffling, though hardly unique to this issue. When Democrats criticized George W. Bush during his presidency, Republicans and their pundits went apeshit, saying that people should stand by their president and support his decisions. Yet the moment Barrack Obama came into office, they attacked everything he did. Everything.

This is partisan politics at its worst. Instead of blindly supporting our president, any president, we should keep our minds – and eyes – open and support our ideals. And that includes supporting the freedom of speech, even when – in fact, especially when – you don’t agree with what is being said.