Porchetta: When In Rome (or New York), Eat Pork


Porchetta is a traditional style of seasoning and roasting pork that is popular in Rome. It’s also the name of a little shop selling the best sandwich on the planet.

Tucked on the south side of 7th Street, between First and Avenue A, the Porchetta shop offers a porchetta sandwich that’s nothing short of a transformative experience. Admittedly I was a little uneasy paying $12 for a sandwich, no matter how good it might be. But after the first bite, I knew it was worth every penny – and more. And halfway through my first porchetta sandwich, I was struck by the sudden sensation that eating it somehow made me a better person. It’s that good.

These sandwiches even travel well. I’ve picked up one and hoofed over to Astor Place before taking the 6 train all the way up to 96th Street and it still was delicious. Though I should caution you to wrap it in a plastic bag so the juices don’t leak out.

There are plenty of other options on the menu, but with something as good as the shop’s namesake, I’ve found it difficult to justify exploring. I have, however, dipped into the crispy potatoes and burnt ends, which were quite phenomenal. And I’ve been eyeing up the Lebanese chicken sandwich but have yet to give it a shot. On a recent visit I noticed they were doing a taco special as well.

Porchetta is well worth the trip. It’s a shame that the owner is an AS Roma fan. But given the glorious sandwiches, all is forgiven.