The Damning Of A President

newsweekbarackobamacriticsAs I’ve often stated here, there are plenty of valid reasons to be critical of Barack Obama’s performance as President. But so much of the mud being slung at him is filled with bullshit.

When terrorists executed an American journalist they held captive, critics were quick to blame the Obama administration for not doing enough to save him. When word leaked that there had been an unsuccessful attempt to rescue the hostages, critics were quick to condemn the Obama administration for revealing such sensitive information…as if the terrorists didn’t know who attacked them.

This isn’t just a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It’s a case of setting up a well-financed industry to ensure that you are damned for everything. How the hell are we supposed to overcome the challenges facing our nation, let alone our species, if undermining every effort of our leaders has become such a booming business?