Guns Don’t Kill People; 9 Year-Old Girls Kill People

The video above cuts out just before the second tragedy, that of the needless death of a human being. In this case, it’s the professional firearms instructor standing to the left of that little girl with the gun. The clip ends just as the girl loses control of the machine gun, wildly spinning towards the instructor, but spares us the gruesome image of the bullet (or bullets) fatally ripping through his head.

The first tragedy is that her parents and the Arizona firearms instructor allowed this 9 year-old girl to fire an Uzi. The instructor paid for his mistake with his life. It remains to be seen what, if any, penalty the parents will pay for their part in this stupidity.

There is, of course, another person who will pay dearly for all of this, and that is the little girl. She’s only 9 yet she just killed a man. She will have to wake up every morning for the rest of her life with that burden on her heart. Not to mention the notoriety – and likely bids for a reality show – that will surely haunt her for years to come.

I love guns. But, like alcohol and fast cars, not everyone can handle them. Nor should everyone be allowed to possess them. This nation is long overdue for some sensible gun legislation. And if you think giving a 9 year-old girl an Uzi on full-automatic is anywhere near sensible, ask that dead firearms instructor, who was supposed to be a beacon of responsible firearms use.