Dough Loco: The Doughnut As A Meal

Dough Loco on Park Ave between 97th & 98th.

Since I penned the definitive guide to doughnuts in New York City, my own neighborhood has been blessed with the addition of a gourmet doughnut shop. Dough Loco is located on the east side of Park Avenue, between 97th and 98th Streets. It’s run by the same wonderful folks that brought UpYor, as I like to call Upper Yorkville, two high-end drinkeries: ABV and Earl’s Beer & Cheese. Though, I suppose all three are technically in Spanish Harlem.

Dough Loco has made a name for itself with funky flavors like Maple Miso and Blood Orange, but I am a fan of the classic chocolate frosted. They do rotate the selection and have recently been offering a killer cinnamon sugar creation, which is often served warm and freshly powdered.

Dough Loco's chocolate frosted.

Dough Loco’s chocolate frosted.

I should note that these are very doughy doughnuts: thick, dense, and quite massive fists of happiness. You can barely fit them into your mouth to take a bite. And while you might think you can eat more than one, you will fail to do so. They are a meal unto themselves.

To help wash these things down, Dough Loco serves up Blue Bottle Coffee, which we have praised at Smorgusburg. The staff are super friendly and the walls are adorned with what can best be described as a lowbrow homage to Mike Judge’s Beavis & Butthead.

Dough Loco's cinnamon sugar.

Dough Loco’s cinnamon sugar.

The only downside to the place is that it’s small and there isn’t a lot of seating. They have a few stools crowded along a thin counter and then one table in the window. If the weather is nice, I recommend the bench out front as you are bound to have some interesting pedestrian traffic pass by.

UPDATE: Visited Dough Loco recently and had this tasty chocolate-frosted doughnut with mini-marshmallows. Inventive, delicious, and a far better photo than the others!