Delaney BBQ on the High Line at Chelsea Market


The Sir Oink sandwich from Smokeline, Delaney’s Barbecue on the High Line.

I enjoyed their pulled pork and fried chicken tacos at Madison Square Eats last summer, so I decided to try Delaney Barbecue’s operation on the High Line. Dubbed Smokeline, it’s basically a stall nestled among a few others that recently opened for the summer season on the section of the elevated park near Chelsea Market.

While they have a few options, including a variety of toppings, I ordered the Sir Oink, bare freakin naked. Someone might think that pulled pork sandwiched in between two slices of heated, buttered white bread would somehow be lacking. That someone would be dead wrong. It was amazingly delicious. The pork was moist enough, and the buttered bread offered the perfect compliment to the savory scraps of swine. Sir Oink, I salute you!


The view from the High Line while enjoying a Sir Oink sandwich from Delaney’s Barbecue.

But why stop there? I grabbed a cup of freshly dripped coffee from one of the adjacent stalls, Blue Bottle Coffee. After years as a tea drinker, I’ve been enjoying a bit of a coffee renaissance. And I first encountered the glory of the drip at Blue Bottle’s Smorgasburg booth.

Of course, one mustn’t overlook dessert. That’s why I bellied-up for a scoop of valrhona chocolate gelato from L’Arte del Gelato, another of the of the stalls located on this culinary corner of the High Line.

Sir Oink has been retired from the menu. They wouldn’t give me details, other than to say it was an unfortunate incident involving a number of young piglets and that Sir Oink is now getting the help he clearly needs.

That said, they do still serve a delicious pulled pork sandwich. Here’s the one I got, bare freakin naked, the same way Sir Oink apparently liked his piglets.