Vegetable of the Day: Rice Krispy Treats

After taking in the current exhibit at the International Center of Photography (a fantastic collection of Robert Capa in color), I stopped in the cafe to recharge with a cup of coffee. I spotted a rice krispy treat (and, yes, I still refer to them as such, though I opt for krispy instead of krispies in case there’s a lawyer from Kellogg’s lurking about) and thought it would make a nice addition to my stomach contents.

ICP-RKAs I unwrapped the treat (see, it’s a most-appropriate name), I noticed something unusual about the label. And I’m not talking about spelling krispy with a C, to avoid the aforementioned lawyers from Kellogg’s (which owns the rights to Rice Krispies Treats, forcing places like Starbucks to call them Marshmallow Dream Bars). I’m talking about the words “Just Sprouted.” What’s that all about?

I asked the young lady behind the desk about the phrase and she was clueless. I don’t think rice krispy treats “sprout.” Though, if they do, I guess that would make them vegetables. And, since vegetables are good for you, the only logical conclusion is that rice krispy treats are good for you.