Is The Second Avenue Subway Being Built With Tonka Trucks?

SASCraneTonka1If you you grew up with a penis in America in the 1970s, then chances are you remember those big yellow Tonka toy dump trucks. My brother and I each had one. They were made out of metal, back when you still could let a kid play with metal objects, even ones that have sharp edges, and are solid enough to bludgeon to death an adult – let alone a small child – should you be so inclined. These toy dump trucks were big enough – again, something you don’t find these days – that a kid could climb into the back, sitting in the bed of the truck, and ride down the hill in your backyard (and we did). And when they crashed into a tree, it was the tree that was worse for wear, not the toy truck.

Well, those days are gone. But I did spot something similar in front of my building the other day. As part of the construction of the Second Avenue Subway, workers were lowering a mini yellow dump truck down into the subterranean construction site. It reminded me of the old toy trucks from Tonka. I imagine they’re used to haul stuff around down there. But, should I ever become one of those geezers who needs a scooter or motorized wheelchair to get around, I might opt for one of these mini trucks instead. Though they probably aren’t as sturdy as my old toy.