Overheard in NYC

shellcase1) While walking through the Union Square holiday market, which was well worth the visit, I overheard one of the shopkeepers telling a potential customer:

“All of our jewelry is made from scrap metal from shell casings from Vietnam.”

OK, I can see how that might be a selling-point in a pro-planet, peace-loving sort of way. But it seems like importing metal from Vietnam to New York City would be cost-prohibitive, not to mention the fact that the Vietnam War ended almost 40 years ago. Kind of strange, don’t ya think?

hotpock2) Riding the subway (the 6 train), I overheard a woman explaining chicken cordon bleu to her 13 year-old daughter’s friend:

“It’s like a ham and cheese Hot Pocket but with breaded chicken instead of dough. You toss that in the toaster oven and, let me tell you, it’s the bomb.”

The bomb? Yes, chicken cordon bleu in the toaster oven is, like Hot Pockets, the proverbial bomb. And, yes, that was a grown woman, a mother, explaining a culinary staple in terms of frozen snacks and toaster ovens. The human race is doomed.