Mighty Balls Are A Bit Of A Sad Sack

MitBal2On a recent visit to the wonderful Union Square holiday market, I stopped by the Mighty Balls stall for a meatball parm sandwich. As “Nipsters,” our loyal Nipple Monkey readers, will surely know, I’m a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to meatball parmigiana sandwiches. And I had spotted Mighty Balls at places like Madison Square Eats but never had the pleasure.

So I opted for the $8.50 hero, which is about half the size of a hero. And paid $1 more for a penny’s worth of mozzarella dusted over the top. It’s a little bit bigger than the half sandwich from Meatball Obsession, but that’s only $4 ($5 with a generous helping of mozzarella “pearls“).

The meatballs themselves were good. And the roll was decent. But the sauce is what undid it all for me. It was too sweet, and largely overpowered the meatballs. And the meager amount of mozzarella didn’t help either.

My advice? Bag it. There are too many good meatball parm sandwiches out there to fall for a funny name.