I’ve Got A Meatball Obsession

MeatOb2All you “Nipsters,” our loyal Nipple Monkey readers, already know that I have a thing for meatballs. In fact, some might call it a meatball obsession. Which is how I found myself at Meatball Obsession, a literal hole-in-the-wall eatery on Sixth Avenue between 14th & 13th Streets in Manhattan.

There is no seating here. There isn’t even an indoors. You simply walk up to the window and place your order. And even that is simple: pick a type of meat for your balls, select a cup or a “pocket” sandwich, then choose from a handful of sauces and a wider variety of toppings.

MeatOb1Being me, I went with beef meatballs in a pocket sandwich with red sauce and mozzarella “pearl drops.” What, you ask? Let me begin with the pocket sandwich. They hollow out a piece of bread and fill it with the meatballs, sauce, etc. And the pearl drops are pearl-sized balls of mozzarella.

The verdict? Quite good, especially if you are on the run. Unlike most meatball sandwiches, this one was minimally messy. My only complaint is that the mozzarella wasn’t melted. In fact, the pearls were cold. It would have been infinitely better if they sprinkled some of the pearls in amongst the balls instead of heaping them on top.