Shake Shack Tries New Fries


Nobody is perfect. And Shake Shack’s choice of crinkle-cut fries was proof of that. How, I wondered, could an organization so dedicated to serving quality, tasty food opt for what amounts to the kind of bland fries that typically accompany Swanson frozen dinners and old-school cafeteria slop? Was this part of some larger conspiracy to reduce my vegetable intake?

Much to my surprise, and gastrointestinal delight, the Shack has shaken things up, introducing a proper cut of fries – and debuting them at my local Shake Shack! The almighty Shack claims the move is the result of customer feedback…nine years of customer feedback, which leaves you wondering just how responsive they really are.

But rather than complain, I will simply be grateful that they made the move, and chose their UES outpost on 86th Street as the launching pad. According to their Web site, the new Idaho Russet fries are hand-cut, never-frozen, and twice-cooked. And, according to my taste buds, they are damn near perfect. Another reason to head back to the Shack!