Bareburger: Good Food That Tastes Good

BburgerBareburger, the socially responsible burger joint, just opened an outpost in my neighborhood. And the place has been packed every day.

Could it be the name? “Bareburger” has the sophomoric ring of a freshly shorn cooch. Could it be the bicycling bear in the logo, echoing the righteous sensibilities of Deadheads bucking the evils of the business world? 

I finally stomached in, with a taste of skepticism stuck on my palate, to see for myself. After all, could burgers and fries really be good for me? And good for the planet?

Well, let’s just say that I had the healthiest burger and fries I’ll likely ever have. And soda, too. A full belly and a clean conscience!

BBurger1Of course, I went with the regular beef burger (they offer a multitude of healthier options), but it was 85-percent lean, grass-fed, organic beef. The thick-cut, applewood-smoked bacon I had on top of it was hormone-free. My brioche bun was all-natural, with no preservatives. The french fries, made from Idaho Russets, weren’t exactly organic (it’s extremely difficult to grow organic potatoes profitably), but they were cooked in healthier peanut oil and didn’t have any industrial fat coatings like you’ll find at some fast-food establishments. Even my root beer was made with evaporated cane juice, organic spices, and purified water. No high-fructose corn syrup or artificial coloring.

BBurger2How did it taste? Fantastic! And I really dug the place. It’s got a nice modern yet woodsy feel, as if Shake Shack and a Vermont cabin had a baby together. The staff were friendly enough. And, to my delight, the music was spot-on as well. There’s not too many places where you can enjoy a late lunch while listening to Pink Floyd’s One Of These Days – the only song I’d ever karaoke to.

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole experience was discovering “fried egg” listed as one of the vegetable toppings you can choose from on the menu. I’ve always argued that fried eggs were a vegetable but no one believed me. Fortunately, Bareburger is on-board with me. And I’m now on-board with them.

By the way, did I mention that this quality meal cost me less than $20? Even my wallet liked it!