Carlos Danger Zone!

Have you seen my Weiner?
WeinerMayorI believe everyone is entitled to a private life. But when you send cock shots to strange women and engage in online sexcapades with some of them, then you just texted away your privacy.

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner may have put the “date” back in “candidate,” but only after removing the “candid.” When engaging in his illicit Internet antics, the politician went by the pseudonym Carlos Danger. Which is funny because there’s probably some guy out there actually named Carlos Danger who has been operating in the same online sexual circles under the pseudonym Tony Weiner.

And while I prefer to judge political candidates on the issues, clearly Anthony Weiner doesn’t have enough sense not to do something as stupid as this. So he surely doesn’t have enough sense to serve as mayor of New York City. Adiós, Carlos.