On People Who Smoke Cigarettes

SmokillI recently shared a thought about smoking cigarettes. And now I’m sharing a second thought. People who smoke cigarettes aren’t just douchebags. They are also fundamentally weak human beings as well.

That may seem a bit harsh. And I’ll cut some slack to anyone over 60 who smokes, because chances are there was little publicly available information about the dangers of tobacco use when they took their first puff. But anyone younger than that knew they were adopting a life-long addiction that would cut their lives short, dramatically increase their medical expenses, and harm the health of anyone around them. It even said so on the fricken package.

SGWSo why does anyone under 60 smoke, knowing from the start the damage they would be doing to themselves and others? There are only two honest answers. Either they are so vain that they thought it made them look cool. Or they are so insecure that they bowed to peer pressure from those with such vanity.

Either way, they are shallow and weak. And deserve what’s coming to them. The only tragedy is that their personal vanity will harm the health of anyone near them, especially the people they supposedly love. That’s beyond douchiness.

And then there’s the whole rampant littering thing. Smokers are always tossing their butts onto the sidewalk or out into the street, too lazy and inconsiderate to bear the weighty burden of hefting it to the nearest trash receptacle. It’s like a giant yellow neon sign flashing “ASSHOLE.” That’s way beyond douchiness.