Di Fara Fetched

Like The Book of Mormon, I was totally underwhelmed with Di Fara’s Pizza. Could it also be a victim of expectations? No, I don’t think so.

DiFarFetchedEven if you remove factors like the filthy establishment (trash on the floor, trash on the tables, and the guy came out from behind the counter to remove the trash from the trash can only to set the bag on the floor next to it), the long-ass wait (I was told 20 minutes for a pie, at 3:17 PM on a Friday, but had to wait nearly an hour), and – above all – the ridiculous price ($5 per slice, $28 per pie…toppings not included), I don’t think it’s even on par with the likes of the legendary Patsy’s, Grimaldi’s, Lombardi’s, Totonno’s, or John’s.

Good? Yes. Different? An abundance of Parmesan does set it apart. But great? No. And certainly not at $5 per slice, or $28 per pie.

Di Fara’s strikes me as a case of something different being spun into something great. Then they start believing their own hype, and the next thing you know they are selling the stuff like it was the original cronut.

For me, the proof is in the taste. And even if you overcome all the many obstacles to tasting Di Fara’s pizza – from the wait to the price – it’s still a disappointment compared to the upper echelon of New York City’s pizzas.