Heaven on Wheels

Innovation is often overrated. Rarely do we find someone building a better mousetrap, just a newer one: Mousetrap 5G.

This holds true not just for things like mousetraps and consumer electronics, but also for foods and beverages. Take beer, for example. There was a time when Americans had nothing but a limited selection of mass-market lagers to choose from. Now you can get exceptional, craft-brewed beers in every corner store. But you are also finding a lot of gimmick brews – beers brewed not because they are good but because they are different. This is what tends to happen when a company can’t get the basics right, or puts the marketing guys in charge.

The Frites N Meats food truck at Hudson & King Streets.

The Frites N Meats food truck at Hudson & King Streets.

On the food front, it’s nice that you can get Korean vegan tacos. It really is. The food-truck phenomenon has lowered the cost of entry, giving more people the opportunity to bring their culinary ideas to the public. But, as we’ve seen on the beer front, different isn’t always better.

Then there are the folks who do the basics, but better. Frites N Meats is a NYC food truck that does the basics – burgers and fries – exceptionally well. For starters, they source their meat. And that source is DeBragga & Spitler. No, not the law firm, the meat purveyors, one of the last to leave the Meatpacking District. The buns? From Balthazar, bakers of the best baguettes in the city.

And there is a reason they’re not called Meats N Frites, and that reason isn’t the alphabet. Rather than view fries as an add-on, these guys take them very seriously – as they should. They’ve opted for the Belgian style (and spelling) but with an American twist, double-frying slender shafts of golden spud.

Sure, you could opt for the latest food fad – and pay handsomely for it. But at the Frites N Meats food truck, you can get perfection – a burger and fries – for under $10. Plus, the friendly staff likes to crank out the rock n roll. It’s like heaven on wheels.

With Spring just around the corner, al fresco feeding should be on your agenda. Find Frites N Meats’ daily lunch location by checking their blog, which is updated weekly. Or you can follow them on Twitter, if you are one of those people who stood in line for the Mousetrap 5G.