Love, It’s A Bitch

If you can decipher the lyrics of the 1971 Rolling Stones song Bitch, you’ll find plenty of bestial references. The opening track on side two of the band’s seminal (in more ways than one) Sticky Fingers album, it’s a classic example of how rock & roll can lay out an adolescent truism.

And then there’s Kara Vandereyk, the 23 year-old woman who decided to lay out naked and have sex with a pit bull in her Las Vegas back yard, at 11:00 AM, in full view of her neighbors. According to this story in Gawker, Kara (given her behavior, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me calling her Kara) didn’t act coy once the police arrived, as naked women tend to do when the cops walk in on them engaged in such acts. And though she wasn’t able to name the current president (she couldn’t remember her own name either), she was polite enough to say “Hi” to the officers before returning her generous attention to the dog at hand.

She was arrested and charged with “open or gross lewdness.” Is there any other kind? I’m guessing she counts herself among the people whose lives haven’t been made better by the invention of the Internet. Love, it’s a bitch.

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